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We’re looking for a nanny from
Pedagoška fakulteta to help guide our two wonderful children in beautiful Ibiza.

We’re a bi-national couple – an Irish working dad and a Slovenian stay-at-home mum. We spend a lot of time at the beaches or in nature. The kids love pony rides, dinosaur pizza, and whatever toy the other one is playing with. Finn is a real boy, four years old, and he loves engines, space and dinosaurs. Juno is sharp as a pin, very empathic and quite naughty (she is two). She’s very communicative and he’s the one trying to figure out how everything mechanical works.

You’ll have a private room and bathroom in our apartment 5 minutes walk from the beach Cala Llenya. If you don’t want to rub shoulders with anybody but us, you won’t need to.

Ideally, you’ll have a degree in pedagogy and be in your mid-twenties. We’d like to be able to learn from you about how our children are developing.The children speak English and they understand Slovenian. Values are important, too. We want our kids to grow up to be respectful human beings who appreciate their lives and don’t take their good fortune for granted. (And if you can get them to clean up their toys, our admiration will know no bounds.)

We’ll expect you to work five and half days per week, and ten hours per day (five hours in the morning, from approx 07:30-12:30, and five in the evening, from 14:30-19:30). For that, we offer a private room and meals, a salary of €300 per week, and use of a family car.

You should have a driving licence and your own health insurance. A professional qualification is essential.

We’ll expect you to help with food preparation for the children and domestic chores, like laundry and washing the dishes. But the main thing we’re looking for is that you will be an addition to our family and a knowledgeable, positive influence on our children.

We hope this will be a long-term engagement of at least six months (from the middle of December 2020).

We‘re very hygiene-conscious and think Ibiza is a safe place to be for the foreseeable future. It’s a small, mainly rural island with low population density. We think it’s paradise.

If you are interested please send your CV to

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Čas: po dogovoru

Plača: od 1300 € za mesec

Starost: 12-99 l

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